About Quartz

Quartz surfaces blend modern sophistication and timeless luxury with unbeatable strength and durability.

Quartz countertops, often called engineered stone countertops, are similar in appearance and performance to granite, yet are quite different in their makeup. Quartz countertops are manufactured from crushed quartz that is mixed with pigment for coloration and resin as a binder. The quartz content is typically 92% to 94%.

It is an extremely popular choice for today’s homebuilders and home owners alike and comes in an extremely wide range of colours and styles to suit most décor tastes. If you’re looking for counters with a clean simple style without much patterning, quartz is a great option for you.

Quartz is easier to keep germ-free because quartz is an engineered product, it is non-porous so coffee, citrus juice, cooking oil, and other common kitchen liquids won’t stain it.

Quartz isn’t totally immune to scuffs and stains, but it’s about as scratch- and stain-resistant as countertops get. The resins and polymers used during the manufacturing process form strong bonds that aren’t easy to break.

There is no need to seal quartz ever thus making it virtually maintenance free.